Best alternatives for shareit and xender in 2021

Today I’ll be talking about some of the best alternatives of shareit, xender that use wi-fi direct to send files from one device to another from your android device let’s get started.

1 Zapya

Which is xender’s closest alternative when it comes to its looks and functionality the app uses the standard bottom bar to access files and start the connection. Zapya offers multiple options to connect to other phones you can create a group, join a group, use code sharing or opt for share to connect feature yes there are plenty of ads here but if you don’t mind that this is great to get the job done.

2 Send Anywhere

Which is my go to recommendation for something like this send anywhere neatly shows the recently installed apps, files, media, photos and videos in a scrolling menu. On the home screen just select the relevant items and the app will display the number of files as well as the size and then hit the send button once you’ve done that the app will generate a six digit codethat expires in 10 minutes share that code with other users and you’ve got yourself a successful connection.

3 Shareme

Is an app developed by xiaomi but surprisingly comes with zero ads the major options are at the top with two huge send and receive buttons at the bottom. You can select the media files and tap the send button at the bottom. The app will ask you to scan the QR code of the other user’s phone and start transferring files the big highlight here is that like I said the app comes with zero ads. Something that can’t be said for a lot of other apps especially anything that comes from xiaomi.

4 Files by google

If you’re trying to send something that is not listed in the default section but is probably the most reliable app out there. It works as expected open the files app and move to the share menu at the bottom tap on the send button and it first asks you to connect to the other persons device after a successful connection the files go up will showcase the type of media files that you’ve been sent select them and hit the send button at the bottom to start the transfer.

5 Send it

An app which works very very close to share it actually even better. The UI is easy to use and so simple that everyone can easily understand it. It comes with a dark mode and similar to every other app here makes use of wi-fi direct to share files swiftly with your friends and family. You can connect with other users easily with QR codes and the whole process is quite seamless. Now before we wrap things up just a heads up okay using a phone with a custom OS that basically comes from xiaomi, vivo, oppo or something like that. They all have their own sharing feature and built into the system so you don’t necessarily need another app like this also if you’re using stock android there’s also nearby share which works very very well too the problem with both of these features is that using it can get quite complicated at times which is why these apps exist that allows you to easily select the files first and then transfer.

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