Top 10+ Alternatives of Zoom meeting

No more intros you already know what’s going on with the zoom app. In any case if you don’t know Zoom is just and application for online meetings. Everyone is suspicious now. So today I’ll explain you 10 alternatives to zoom app. So there are some issues are going on with the zoom app. That’s why I’m here to help you out so here is list of apps.

1 EZTalks

Is an alternative for the zoom app. You can have 100 people in one call for 40 minutes of video call limit you can unlock the limit and many other features in the paid plan and the coolest thing about the easy talks is the whiteboard feature you can share a whiteboard where you can doodle things and brainstorm your ideas in the conference call and share that across the call so that’s a really unique feature. That easy talks has but coming down to the second one we have.

2 Discord

Discord is one of the best and fastest growing platform. It is one of the most loved platform by gamers. The user interface is quite familiar to the Microsoft teams you can create different channels for the different projects and you can also share your screen the mobile app is also there if you want to have it on your smartphone but basically to get started all you need to do is sign up for a discord account and make calls that’s it.

3 Skype meet now

So you might be using Skype but check this out skype meet now it’s a fairly new application. That is brought up by Microsoft Skype meet now is an excellent alternative for the zoom app you can use it for personal and for business purposes and you can add up to 50 parties spent in one call but outstanding and simple feature it has is the usability you don’t have to sign up for any account or anything just go to their website and generate a call send the link to everyone and start a video call. It’s simple as that all of this is free of cost. I would say this is the best alternative out there other than that you get ability to record calls blur background before entering the call and screen sharing as well and know. It for any download just go to the call link in the browser and start your call now microsoft has another service to offer.

4 Microsoft teams

This is a paid service but during this pandemic it’s free of cost some of the features include unlimited chat and search group and one-on-one audio and video call you will also get 10 gb of team storage and 2gb of personal user storage and if you happen to have office 365 account then you will get real-time collaboration with office apps like word excel and last but not least if you talk about the participants then you can add up to nine members in their free plan.

5 Cisco webex

Now if you’re looking for an app more focused on enterprise and businesses you should check out the cisco webex. It was a paid service but during this pandemic all the features are now available for free. Which includes unlimited usage and no time restriction and participant up to 100 people’s so setup is simple just go to website and sign up for the service and you will be ready to go you can access it from your web browser or you can also download the ios or android app cisco webex also features screen sharing which makes it perfect for business use.

6 Zoho meetings

This is a solution for enterprises and businesses as well but this is best suited for webinars. You can have 100 participants in the base plan and along with that you will get features like analytics, polls, questions and answers there is no requirement for any app download. It is based on web browser so all you need is a chrome extension.

7 Blue jeans

Doesn’t sound like any of the meeting app but again this is a paid solution meant for businesses. You can have up to 20 people and the standout feature is the intelligent meeting highlight video creator. Which creates highlight video of the meeting automatically although it requires more space.

8 Whatsapp

This is the perfect solution for personal use and maybe some time for business and recently they extended the limit to eight people for the video call which is awesome everyone here in Asia has whatsapp so which makes this.

9 Google duo

Is another great way to have personal video calls at great audio and video quality. You can have up to 12 people in a call and the call can be made from the mobile app or from the browser simple and clean.

10 Google hangout

Another app from google for video conferencing you can go to to make a call straight from your browser and you can have up to 150 users which makes it one of the best platform. If you want to conduct this large scale call but those were some of the best free and paid alternatives to the zoom app.

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